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W1 Lents 2016: Day Two

No revenge bump for W1. Although keeping on station with Churchill, we were pipped by a powerful Girton crew. The aim of day two was to push them off further than we had done with Churchill, but in W1’s consistent style we held them off for about equal distance; just before first post. It has been a disappointing start to Lents for us, however we are determined for the row-over!

W2 Lents 2016: Day Three

Bumps races come in many forms. There are the all-too-quick bumps between crews who start at different speeds, there are the rows-over in glorious isolation, and there are the hard-fought, ground-out bumps which are perhaps the most nail-biting to watch. W2's race today was none of these. It was, quite simply, a ridiculously close row-over of epic proportions which will, I'm sure, never be forgotten by those who were there.

Catz had a strong, clean start, quickly pushing Clare Hall W1 away from them. After negotiating some carnage, they found themselves being hunted down by a resurgent Clare Hall, who had so far rowed over every day this week. The gap kept closing, and W2 kept pushing off them, and still the gap closed. We were the last crew to go to top finish, and were pushed every stroke to the line, the margin at the finish being a matter of feet. Huge credit is due to the crew for keeping their heads under such pressure in their first set of bumps. Tomorrow Clare Hall will be back to do battle once more, but the Catz spirit has been set ablaze. I know who I'm backing.

M2 Lents 2016: Days 1/2

The M2 campaign campaign got off to a storming start on day one. Starting at 4th station and chasing Churchill 2, we got the first whistle after ten strokes, rapidly followed by two whistle, three wistles, and the bump on first post corner. We went in to day two on a high, but with the knowledge that it would be much tougher chasing Eddie's 1. The race got off to a tense start, with all the crews around us staying roughly on station. At grassy Eddie's finally caught up to Emma 2 and bumped out, shortly followed by Hughes Hall catching Churchill behind us, leaving us nothing to do but row over, steadily pushing Clare Hall (started 3 stations behind) into the distance down the reach. Day 3 looks set to be exciting with us starting again on station 3, rowing between Emma and Hughes.

M1 Lents 2016: Day One

Wth only three changes from last year's Lents crew, most of us had been waiting almost a year for the chance to have another go at Girton.  There was some anxiety on the bank when Girton failed to appear until just before the four minute gun, having apparently had to change boats due to rudder problems, so it was with relief and a renewed sense of determination that we lined up behind them and came to front stops, ready for the gun.  We have worked hard this term, and nothing was going to take this first race away from us.  Fitz tried to make a move from behind; we ignored them.  We heard Girton get a whistle on Christ's up ahead; nothing to do with us.  The speed came up with each change, we got the gap down to a length along First Post Reach, then half a length into the corner, quarter of a length as we came out of First Post corner, and then the Bump came so fast it took us all by surprise.  For half the crew it was our first bump ever - we've got a taste for it now and are looking forward to Day 2.

W1 Lents 2016: Day One

For over half the crew this was their first bumps; cannons, whistles and carnage – not what you find in a normal rowing regatta. With Churchill being fairly inclusive this term, it was hard to gauge the competition that was chasing us on day one. Added to that, the start of the division was paused due to some drama from the LMBC W1, only increasing nerves. After the finally cannon went off there was no hiding the sheer power from the Churchill crew, who gained their first whistle right after the start; not good. With some determination, we began to pull away, and for a moment I believed it would be a re-enactment of Queen’s-vs-Catz-Lent-bumps-2014-row-over. Alas, for Churchill, this pulling away only made them hungrier, and just before first post we were bumped; before the adrenaline had even a chance to fade. Not the best start – but well deserved for Churchill… Revenge bump? TBC

Lent Bumps 2016 Overview

Lent Bumps starts on Tuesday 23rd February and we have five Catz crews participating.

Hover over a result to see if a race report is available. Click on the crew name to see its members.


  Division Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
M1 M1
Girton I
 Row Over Bumped
King's I
Row Over
W1 W1
Bumped By 
Churchill I
 Bumped By
Girton I
Bumped By
Lady Margaret I 

Bumped By Peterhouse I

M2 M3
Churchill II
Row Over Row Over

Row Over 

W2 W3
Bumped By
Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall II
 Bumped By
Jesus III
 Row Over   Bumped By
Clare Hall I
M3 M4
Row Over  Bumped
Trinity Hall III
Lady Margaret IV
Bumped First and Thirds IV

For information on where to watch the bumps from see here. Division times are here.
Follow the action on the radio at and see official results here
For a map, see here. Join the tow-path at the pink marker, and follow it to the North-East.
Grassy corner (the second big corner, the large right-hand bend) is a particularly popular spectator spot. 

W2 Lents 2016: Day Two

For day two, my spies on the bank actually remembered to turn on the video camera they were carrying, so I can report on W2's race with my own eyes. We had a strong start, but were a little late to settle into their rhythm. Soon after, Jesus began to make steady progress towards our stern, and in our enthusiasm to push away from them, we began to shorten up. After that, the result was rather inevitable, but we managed to row further than day one - a sign of the improvements this crew is still making every outing. Tomorrow we will try and keep our length under pressure, and see what happens!

M3 Lents 2016: Day One

The tension was palpable on the row down to station 11, it was all of stroke side’s first ever set of bumps. We had guest cox Joe Cooper there to keep the nerves under control – thanks Joe! We were chasing Emma M3 who looked a lot further away on station than Caius M3 did behind us. We had a solid start, and we chipped away at Emma from the get go, Caius quickly faded to the background. We failed to stride, but we were gaining on Emma, so it was tough to let up! The whistles were blowing, and a boat’s stern was visible in the periphery, but unfortunately Emma had caught Tit Hall before we managed to closed the gap. There was carnage up ahead so we were left with no choice but to pull over and accept a technical row over. Still, no spoons at least!

M3 Lents 2016: Day Two

We were denied a bump yesterday, and any nervousness was gone. Our regular cox Anna back in the driving seat, M3 was hungry for a bump, and Trinity Hall was in our crosshairs. We rocketed off the start, winding it up to rate 47, lengthening out each stroke as one whistle blared. Two whistles cut through the air as we came up to the motorway bridge. We made a stride down to 38 under the bridge, within seconds we heard three whistles. Coming away from the bridge we were at their stern, 3 seconds later past their cox. Like many first times, this first bump happened much quicker than expected, but it felt great! For stroke side in particular it was a glorious feeling of achievement to get that first ever bump. We rowed home with foliage displayed proudly, ready to hit Maggie hard tomorrow.

W2 Lents 2016: Day One

Having been drafted in to race in M2 for bumps, I found myself sitting at the wrong end of the river as the start cannon went for W2. With a crew who had never rowed before the start of the year, this first day of bumps was always going to be a steep learning curve, but my sources tell me W2 had a strong, clean start, despite starting next to the cannon under the motorway bridge. They moved to within a length of Darwin ahead of them, gaining their first-ever whistle, but were sadly caught by a stronger Hughes Hall/Lucy Cavendish crew on the entry to first post corner. While the plan for tomorrow is still under embargo, let me say this: W2 will be back. And back with a vengance.