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Lents 2012 - W1 Day 1

With a relatively inexperienced crew and tough opposition both in front and behind today, we were fairly uncertain about what the first day would hold for W1. However, the girls in the boat did themselves proud - pulling away from a chasing Selwyn boat right from the start, and gradually closing in on Magdalene ahead. The bump was made just before the Plough; narrowly denying Magdalene a bump on LMBC and getting us off to a great start to the week! 

Lents 2012 - M1 Day 1

This year's Lents M1 is somewhat under-strength, as we are missing Dave Allwood to injury and Harry Moss to unavoidable academic commitments. Nevertheless, we started the week confident of finally regaining the first division spot that was lost in my first year at Catz.

The first three crews bunched up a bit off the start, with us taking half a length off Churchill and Selwyn coming about half a length closer behind us. These relative positions stayed pretty much the same through First Post and Grassy corners, before we started grinding Churchill down on Plough Reach. Overlap came shortly after Ditton corner and, after Churchill had delayed the inevitable by some evasive steering, we bumped out just before the Railings.

All in all, it was a good first race for the four of our crew who had never competed in Bumps before, and a good start to the week for all Catz crews. May there be many more like it!

Lents 2012 - W2 Day 1

As a strong boat starting low down in the W3 division, hopes were high for the W2 boat and they didn't fail to disappoint. Following a start which is best forgotten the crew quickly got into gear - chasing Christ's III who, depsite looking strong at first, rapidly faded allowing W2 to go in for a quick bump just before first post corner.

Cardinals Regatta 2012 - Entries now open

Entries are now open for Catz Cardinals Regatta - the most serious event of the racing calendar is back with even more imaginative ways of finding the 'best' crew on the day (Thursday 15 March). Entries are now open, see the race page.

SCCBC Success at University IVs

The Women's side of the club entered two boats into University Fours this year, with the Division 2 entry winning the contest. Here's a breakdown of the events as they happened:

Women's Division 1

Day 1: Lost against LMBC

Despite a strong start, Maggie took an early lead in the race and held onto their advantage. It was a tight contest and the girls put up a strong fight, despite the fact that this was the first time their boat had rowed together. 

Bow: Erin Mickle
2: Charlotte Frost
3: Sophie Lappe
Stroke: Sarah Lucas
Cox: Fiona Worrall

Women's Division 2

Day 1: Won against Jesus

Jesus pulled out of the race at the last moment, allowing Catz a win by default. A little bit of an underwhelming day after the preparation the women had put in.

Mays 2011 - M2 Day 4

Bumped Emmanuel II

Given what was at stake today, the rowing up to the start was as relaxed and calm as we had managed all week. Barring one slight mishap where our boat almost blew into the middle of the river at marshalling, we were perfectly prepared.

Mays 2011 - M2 Day 3

Bumped Selwyn II

Remarkably, we managed to be in the boat for the two hours that it didn't rain! After yet another delay to our division while part of the W3 division was re-rowed, we were back in the boat and ready to go.

Mays 2011 - M3 Day 2

Rowed Over

We knew today’s bump was going to be a tough one. We had Downing III in front of us chasing an abysmal Selwyn III boat. The row down the start felt hopeful and the practice starts were better than what we had done so far.

Mays 2011 - M3 Day 1

Bumped FaT IV

After a strong performance in the Lent Bumps, M3 looked forward to take on Mays. With a rate meter that had never worked, the crew were still pretty enthusiastic and keen to get their revenge from last year’s bump (from FaT IV under dubious circumstances). The practice starts were scrappy with a lot of missed strokes but spirits were high. The start was delayed with the riverboat Georgina lazing along the river with a lot of tourists keen to see some bumping action, oblivious to the fact that they had made a lot of people very angry.

Mays 2011 - M2 Day 2