If you've rowed or coxed before (on the Cam or elsewhere) you can go straight into the senior squad without novicing first. The number of crews in training varies throughout the year, but expect 2 men's and 2 women's crews in the first term, with 3 men's crews and 3 women's crews after Christmas. Training is mostly done in VIIIs, and sometimes IVs. There are also small boats, which experienced rowers can take out with the permission of the captains. 

We are following British Rowing's advice on how to get back on the water with a mix of online and physical training. See our COVID 19 Policy for full details or get in contact with any concerns.

In terms of races, the main competitions of the year are the Lent and May Bumps races, which take place over a week at the end of their respective terms, and offer some of the most exciting experiences in Cambridge. Bumps are frankly inexplicable, but wikipedia has a good go:  As well as this, there are races on the Cam throughout the year - a mix of head races and regattas. There may also be opportunities to race off-cam, such as the Head of the River races in London and the Henley Regattas.

If you're worried about commitment, don't be - the squads cater for all levels, with first boats training maybe 6-7 times a week, and the lower boats anywhere from 2-6 times, depending on the current crew. 

If you have any queries, or would like to express an interest, then please contact the relevant Senior Captains:

Men's Captain: John Hayton (
Women's Captain:  Charlie Lamb (