Day 1 M2 (race 1)

Bumped Wolfson II

After some promising results this term, we wanted to show that it had not all been to waste by getting some bumping done. The row to the start showed the same rustiness had that plagued our final outing on Monday morning, and spirits were not high at the start - we knew we were capable, but needed to remember how to row first!

We responded well on the cannon, pushing hard on the start at rate 38 on what was comfortably the best start of the day to that point. Soon we were within a length heading to First Post corner, a distance at which we were held until we started to close just before the gut. A great line round Grassy from Tash enabled us to close to within half a length and a huge push and a successful "up 2" enabled us to close the remaining distance quickly. The bump was made just before the Plough, to a huge audience of 3!

For 7 members of the crew, it was the first experience of bumping, and I'm sure they'd like a lot more this week!


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