Day 1 M2 (race 2)

Rowed Over

The W3 division had a massive pile-up at the top of the division, meaning the whole division had to be re-rowed. This caused us an hour delay, marshalling in the snow, as the sandwich boat. Also, as we marshalled about 500m away from the rest of the division, we were pushed off late and ended up not being on station for the 4-minute gone. We were eventually spun and at the bank with 2 minutes to go - not exactly ideal preparation!

Despite this, and slight confusion over when exactly the cannon would go, we powered off the start at rate 38, putting more into it than the previous one. Within a minute we'd moved to 3/4 of a length on King's II, but unfortunately Caius III were caught by King's at that point. After navigating round the carnage, we were still moving fast, only to discover that Fitzwilliam II had bumped FaT IV just above that. After another minute, it became clear that we weren't going to catch Clare II for a double overbump, so we wound it down to conserve energy for another day.

Whilst it's disappointing that we couldn't bump up into M3, we'll hopefully get a chance to do so tomorrow chasing Caius III, provided we can safely row over at the top of M4.