Day 2, Lent Bumps 2017: W1

With Thursday came day two,

we were chasing a very strong crew.

With power and force,

we rowed the whole course,

Queens we are coming for you.

Today looked to be of of our toughest races, chasing Caius who had been placing within seconds of us all term. They were chasing a weaker Queens, with a bump likely, but still our race plan was to grind them down over the entire course. We held them at station off the start and with little pressure from Peterhouse behind we settled into a semi-silky rhythm. We continued to hold them on station right up to grassy corner, where unfortunately they bumped Queens, and the crews ahead of them had also bumped out. With people bumping out all around us we were left to finish the course solo, but we used this to produce a very strong and promising row over. We held our pace in the final stretch, cheered on by M1 and our tbc-lunch-dates Christ’s M1. Today we showed that we can row the course well at our target rate and that we do have much more to give this week. Tomorrow we will use the pressure from HHLC behind to power us towards Queens. We have had a taste of bumping this week, and tomorrow W1 come back for more sides.