Day 2 M2 (race 1)

Rowed over

The river was flooded and the wellies were out for putting the boat in the water for today's rowing. After yesterday, we made sure that we left plenty of time to marshal, and were greeted by a lovely shower of rain. We knew what the score was - hold Wolfson back off the start and row away into the distance.

The start was far from ideal, the stream took as back further than bow pair tapped us on, and we ended up starting more like a length, rather than a length and a half, ahead of Wolfson. A truly miserable first 5 strokes saw us fall down to 3/4 of a length, although this would be as close as Wolfson would get. Despite a couple of huge washouts round First Post corner, we slowly found a decent rhythm and moved away into the distance. The quality of the rowing greatl improved by the time we came round Grassy, and we were back out past station. We reached Ditton we were 3 lengths clear. By the time we crossed the finish line (once we located it) we were 4 lengths clear and cruising, laying down a marker for rowing at the back of M3.