Day 2 M2 (race 2)

Bumped Caius III

Caius III had ruined our M3 race on Tuesday, and we were out to exact revenge. Again, we made sure we were on station in plenty of time, this time in beautiful sunshine. The plan, again, was simple - get a better start than the previous race, settle into a steady stride, and grind them down.

So much for that plan - Finn later told us that he withheld his first whistle (for a length) until we'd finished the 5 draw strokes! As a result of hearing a whistle so early, the rate hit 40, meaning the rowing wasn't exactly pretty, but it was effective. The call for the stride came but it was barely noticable, 2 and 3 whistles followed very shortly afterwards, and the hapless Caius boat were bumped just around the corner beside the lock after about a minute. Clinical.

On a personal note, I'd never bumped until beside the Plough before, so bumping well before the Motorway Bridge was fantastic! We have now earned a well-deserved day off, and will resume our campaign chasing First and Third IV on Friday!