Day 2 W1

Lent Bumps day 2 (Thursday, 25th Feb 2010)

Bumping LMBC or settling old scores

After a solid row over on the first day we went off to chase last year’s nemesis, Lady Margaret W1. For those who didn’t follow last year’s races: despite overlap they carried on rowing and didn’t concede, resulting in Catz not getting the bump. Having succeeded in this practice last year they apparently went for trying it a second time: We closed down on them rather quickly, hearing our first whistle before First Post Corner. Pushing ourselves hard and with last year’s grudge smouldering inside us we drew nearer and nearer to them along the Gut. Grassy Corner was our proposed end to them. But we hadn’t anticipated the stubbornness of their cox. They tried to pull their trick again and in spite of their cox being level with our number 5, didn’t concede and just kept on rowing. Due to our confusion and frustration as to why we hadn’t already been acknowledged the bump they even managed to slightly pull away from us along the Plough Reach. Going all in for about the fifth time we were determined to get them at Ditton Corner and caught possession of the inside lane. Seeing that we were ready to overtake them if need be to get the bump they finally conceded and we got our well deserved bump, for six of us our first bump ever.

Sophie at Bow