Day 3 M1

Heading into the race, we knew FaT II would be much stronger than their LMBC/Caius counterparts. We geared the race plan accordingly, anticipating the long game and over the quick bump.

The start was better than is has been and we settled quickly in to a strong 36. Coming into first post we were some what suprised to hear the one length call, sticking to the plan we kept our heads and continued to push out the puddles. The gut seemed like a normal piece, as the calls came through "half a length", "half a canvas" we held strong moving up to close the gap. Coming into grassy just off their stern Alex again held the best line and we slipped up the inside, their concession coming part way on the bend.


Another good result coupled with a much improved row leaves us confident ahead of the final day. With improvements still to make, we're hoping the final day is going to be the best.


The bow cam was back in action after and you can catch the whole race here.

The bump was also caught in HD from grassy corner and can also be found on youtube here.

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