Day 3 W1

Day three


New day, new opportunities. After bumping LMBC yesterday (and feeling

PRETTY good about that!), we were ready for day three, with Clare once

again ahead of us. With two original crew members out, we were lucky enough

to get two amazing subs (thanks Emily and Rachael!), and the plan was to

have a solid row, knowing that LMBC were eager to take back our well-earned

bump! Despite the heavy winds and strong current we set off to a good

start, getting into our stride early and keeping LMBC at bay. They gained

up on us at Grassy corner, but we used our mean, lean, rowing machine thighs

and pushed away with ease. Hitting the Reach was like hitting a brick wall

with the heavy winds, nonetheless we got it back together quickly and had a

strong finish, LMBC were nowhere near! Ahead of us Clare had bumped Queens,

who are set for spoons if (when) we get them on the final day. For the



Catharina (two)