Lent Bumps 2013, M1 Day 1

Bumped Emmanuel at Ditton

Start order: Sandwich boat Kings, 17 Selwyn, 16 Catz, 15 Emmanuel, 14 Magdalene

M1 made the best possible start to the Lents campaign today with a convincing bump on a tidy Emma crew who had overlap on Magdalene.

We held off the Selwyn sprint well from the start and they never looked like escaping from the inevitable Kings bump - although it took its time coming. We took big chunks out of Emma coming into First Post although they were doing the same to Magdalene. The challenge was simple - bump Emma before they got Magdalene. The Emma cox helped things along with a small crash at First Post but then called a powerful restart to push us away again and power them towards Magdalene. When their sprint for the bump failed our superior cruising speed meant we reeled them in and hit them at pace coming round Ditton.

We coped with the choppy water pretty well and despite the stress of a 3 boat sandwich for much of the race Alistair's cornering was nigh on perfect! Men's crews now 5/5.

Bring on Magdalene tomorrow.