Lent Bumps 2013, M1 Day 2 (Thursday)

Bumped Magdalene in the gut (completing the day 2 Catz-Magdelene men's triple M1/M2/M3)

Start order: 17 King's, 16 Emmanuel, 15 Catz, 14 Magdelene, 13 Robinson

After a confidence-boosting bump on Wednesday we arrived at the boathouse today asking the question 'when?' as opposed to 'if?'.

We had a good relaxed start, with Emma nowhere to be seen. We had taken half a length by the motorway bridge and continued to eat up the gap to give us overlap by First Post and the inevitable bump came after the first 5 strokes of our first power 10. A much more self-assured race than yesterday, indeed described live on CamFM by Will H (our confident 6 man) as 'easy'.

Tomorrow brings the much greater challenge of hitting a twice-rowed over Robinson before they hit a spooning Tit Hall (although only bumped at the Railway Bridge today by a Clare crew who aren't that slow). Bring it on.