Lent Bumps 2013 W1 Day 1

W1 came into Bumps knowing that we were probably round about where we should be in the division, and fairly evenenly matched with the crews around us. However, this is Bumps so we were determined to push for those whistles!

On the first day of racing we found ourselves chasing Newnham and being chased by Trinity Hall. We got a strong start and began gaining ground on Newnham from the motorway bridge. Trinity Hall were fighting thier own battle with LMBC so we were not troubled from behind. Around first post corner Newnham got their first whistle and made a move on Queens to bump them on grassy corner. They then very unhelpfully parked with their stern in the middleof the river meaning that we had to take a very wide corner to avoid hitting them. Never a crew to give up, we pushed on down the reach with the aim of a rather optimistic overbump on Caius!

With a strong row over on the first day of racing, and the prospect of a slower Queens crew ahead of us, tomorrow is looking exciting for W1!