Lent Bumps 2013, W2 Day 1

After successfulling getting a place in Bumps after the Getting on Race W2 found themselves mid division 3 chasing Clare Hall W1 and being chased by Emma III. It was the first bumps for 7/9 of the crew, with two subs in the boat (Thank you Sara and Sarah!), so everyone was understandably a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect. Catz got strong start and pushed on to Clare Hall to close the gap to a length. After the motorway bridge Emma, Catz, and Clare all managed to stay pretty much on station, before Emma III was caught by Churchill. 

With carnage behind them Catz pushed on to Clare Hall, but they began to show their greater endurance as a first boat and increased the gap to a couple of lengths. W2 were looking at a solid row over, but after taking grassy a little wide an absolutely flying Homerton II suddenly appeared from the carnage of the lower half of the division. Despit an epic last push whicih did hold Homerton off for a while, there was nothing Caz could do and they eventually succumbed to the overbump on Ditton, about 25 strokes short of the finish line. Homerton must be congratulated for their row, it was a herculean effort and Catz W2 has nothing to be ashamed of for being bumped by them.

On Wednesday W2 will be chasing Emma III...bring it on!