Lent Bumps 2013, W2 Day 2

Bumped by Kings W2

Having been chased by Emma the day before, Catz had a good idea of their capabilities, and came to the race quite rightly expecting a strong performance. This was reinforced by a near perfect practise start, while watching a shambolic Emma effort disappear into the distance behind. The real start was almost as good, and a superb line from Harriet and a solid push from the crew saw the distance cut to just over a length within 30 strokes, the Robert Hardie radiating more intent than has been seen in memory, as the characteristic backswing made its presence known. 

Unfortunately this proved unsustainable, and as Emma hit their rhythm and managed to slow their backward plunge to a limp (although not entirely eliminating it...) the first crab came. With Kings steaming up behind, Catz produced an astonishing push to gain clear water from a good 2 feet of overlap, but Kings didn't want to play ball, and ended the game with their own push.

Overall, a really impressive performance from effectively a scratch crew - bring on the return bump on Kings on Friday.