Lent Bumps 2015 - M1 Day the Third


The best laid plans of mice and men….


So they say anything can happen in Bumps, they say it correctly. As the sun rose on the third day of bumps, we awoke with a firm plan in our heads and fire in our hearts, ready to right the wrongs of the previous outing. Sadly one of our number also awoke with a bothersome pathogen in the stomach. So it was our gallant (and some might say dashing) captain went on the search for non-viral rowers, a challenging task with rowers dropping like flies to disease. When all seemed lost a hero emerged, an old hand at the rowing game stepped up and was counted.


Our plan unperturbed by the situation, we went off the line like the proverbial hare, one chance to knock not-so-politely on the stern of Kings or bust. A tortoise however is not the metaphor anyone would use to describe the Robinson crew behind us. Despite a song worthy effort put in by each and every man in the boat, we were simply outmatched and conceded.


Although not the outcome we had hoped for, we were again left pleased with the performance we put in, and prepare for whatever the last day of our campaign has in store.

M1 on the row up

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