Lent Bumps 2015: M2 Day One

We started head at the top of the third division.

Going into a race knowing the best you can do is row-over is tough, but we'd spent all term preparing for this moment. We knew we were a match for Hughes behind, and this proved to be the case. We had a strong start, and soon pushed away. Coming round grassy, a fast Emma II two back bumped up on Hughes, and Clare bumped up on Peterhouse II four back, leaving a big gap between us and the crews below. We strode down to 32, and kept strong but efficient through to the end, saving ourselves for the next race to follow.

Our reward was a free shot at Pembroke II in the M2 division. We knew they were fast. We also knew they were chasing Christs who were less fast, but Christs was chasing St Edmund's, who were less fast again. This was going to be an interesting race, and there was serious talk of a potential overbump. Alas, the bumps gods didn't look favourably on us, and there was a 3 boat merge, as Christs hit Eddies just before Pembroke hit Christs, giving Pembroke a technical row-over, and us without a target.

We finished at a leisurely rate, leaving some energy for tomorrow... It'll be a big day. Time to push off Emma II like we did in Mays.