Lent Bumps 2015: M2 Day Three

Today, we knew our goal was to row over in front of Clare.

We had a great start, and despite striding to a pretty strong 35, we had shouts from the bank to keep it high and capitalise on our push onto Emma. As it turned out, we kept within station of Emma for our whole row, but Clare began coming up on us, getting their first whistle around first post, and closing to overlap coming into grassy. Today, the kill really worked, and after a fine line by Tash around the corner, we were left with a canvas of breathing room. Clare pushed onto plough reach, but we did a second kill, and again pushed away, more succesfully than yesterday.

As we neared Ditton, the relentless pushing from the stronger Clare crew finally began to overwhelm us, and Anton's (the Clare Boatman's) chiming bell for overlap was our death knell, and we were hit on the exit of the corner.

It was a gutsy row, and we can hold our heads up high.

Tomorrow it's a fast Churchill chasing us. We're ready. I hope they are too.