Lent Bumps 2015: W2 Day One

The fact that W2 were rowing up to the start of the bumps course at all today was no small achievement: the term started with a scramble for rowers, and could well have ended with a Getting-on-Race made particularly challenging this year by a reduction in the number of spaces available in the bumps.

But the W2 crew racing this week is an enthusiastic, well drilled one who put in an excellent performance in the GoR to see off more than half of the entrants, including some 'big names' such as Downing II, Caius II and King's II.

A clear result of a tight GoR is that all the crews that do get on are going to be good, so this week was never going to be an easy ride. Today, despite an excellent start we struggled to find a rhythm and an incident of the crustaceal nature eventually led to our demise to the oncoming Murray Edwards crew. Nonetheless, we are confident we can get them back tomorrow, beginning with the same punchy start as today!