M1 Lents 2016: Day One

Wth only three changes from last year's Lents crew, most of us had been waiting almost a year for the chance to have another go at Girton.  There was some anxiety on the bank when Girton failed to appear until just before the four minute gun, having apparently had to change boats due to rudder problems, so it was with relief and a renewed sense of determination that we lined up behind them and came to front stops, ready for the gun.  We have worked hard this term, and nothing was going to take this first race away from us.  Fitz tried to make a move from behind; we ignored them.  We heard Girton get a whistle on Christ's up ahead; nothing to do with us.  The speed came up with each change, we got the gap down to a length along First Post Reach, then half a length into the corner, quarter of a length as we came out of First Post corner, and then the Bump came so fast it took us all by surprise.  For half the crew it was our first bump ever - we've got a taste for it now and are looking forward to Day 2.