M1 Lents 2016: Day Two

There were a few nerves in the boat as we rowed down to the start; would we be able to repeat our performance from Day One?  We knew Girton behind us would be hungry for revenge after their unlucky first day, and the rumours were that Christ's up ahead were faster than King's, and might not give us a chance to catch them.  As expected, Girton made a strong push out of the start, but like with Fitz the previous day we ignored them and focused on the boats ahead.  We took distance out of Christ's along First Post Reach, but the news came that they were already gaining fast on King's, and when they got two whistles in the gut I think we realized we weren't going to bump that day.  With Girton fading hard behind us everything looked set for a peaceful rowover, and so we settled in on the Reach to take it home safely.  We were well over the finish line and nearly stationary when Clare, having started four stations behind us and apparently ignorant of the bottom finish line, came hurtling towards us at the P&E with no apparent intention of stopping.  The umpires got confused and shouted at us to row on, and after one of our quicker starts we set off again and only wound down after the top finish.  Unfortunately top finish also seemed to be an unknown concept to Clare, who continued to career towards us as we sat at easy under Green Dragon, and only after some very angry shouting from our cox did they hold it up and leave us to row home after an odd and slightly disappointing but by no means bad race.