M1 Mays 2016: Day Two

Bumps is usually fun, but rarely fair and sometimes brutal.  Today we should have had a chance to bump back on Emma, with a slow Christ's crew behind us offering no threat and if no bump today a good chance on King's tomorrow.  Unfortunately, however, on Day One Selwyn managed to get an overbump, almost unheard of in First Division, on Christ's, and catapulted themselves up the table to just behind us.  We weren't too worried, because Selwyn talk a lot but rarely back it up with results, and we knew we could improve on yesterday's row.  But on this occasion we should have been worried; Selwyn were obviously scared of Magdalene behind them, and set off like a rocket for a 'fly or die' attempt.  We didn't even have a chance to respond and were bumped just after the motorway bridge.  Worst of all, although our concession was instantaneous Selwyn completely failed to hold it up and caused significant damage to our boat, not in the initial bump, but 5-10 seconds later when they still hadn't tried to stop, as well as shunting our bow pair deep into the overhanging thorn bushes.  We're just glad no one was hurt.