May Bumps 2010 Day 3 M2

Bumped by LMBC III

We knew we were in for a tough one today, given that they'd had 2 easy bumps and they were a boat full of schoolboys, quite a few of whom could have been in M1 had they trained. The fact they don't list their crew on their website was a bad sign.

As it was, we improved from yesterday. We didn't let Clare get particularly far away, however, LMBC had a great start and started taking ground out of us. For the second day in a row we ended up going down the outside of First Post reach, and hence we again had to produce a push to keep them at bay round the corner. A further push got us away from overlap in the gut, but another push out of the corner meant they hit us coming up to the Plough.

Another disappointing result. However, Magdalene will be a fairer challenge tomorrow. Spoons is not an option.