May Bumps 2014 M1 Day 2

Thursday was disappointing for M1 in the sense that we went downwards, but in another sense, we should be very proud of the row. Having failed to hit a decent rhythm in an all out attack on Jesus yesterday, it was nice to settle in much more calmly for a longer row today. Pembroke dropped away from our start, which was typically aggressive if still a little tense. Jesus ahead were held on station through to the gut where we started to lose contact. Pembroke, having been sent away to about two lengths started to pull back towards us, gaining gradually until we failed to respond to their push out of Ditton which brought them to a canvas. An sweet kill call pushed us out towards quarter of a length, and we took full advantage of the breathing space to move across the reach, but Pembroke weren't broken, and there was nothing left for a second kill. 

On the positive side, that half a length gain off the start will still be there tomorrow, bringing us a whistle, and as Dan put it: "Even if Catz don't always know how to escape being bumped, we definitely know how to bump up".