May Bumps 2014 M1 Day 3

I don't really know what happened on day 3, which I'm sure will be upsetting for those of you from the message boards looking for answers. The plan today was a combination of the plans from day 1 and day 2 - go off hard after Pembroke, whose start looked somewhat ropey on day 2, then if no gains were made, settle in to a solid rhythm at grassy, and concentrate on sending FaT (who we rowed over on station with on day 1) off into the distance. Part 1 went reasonably, and we made some gains, though not quite enough for a whistle, and after a third of the reach were sitting comfortably on station with FaT. Somehow it all went wrong from there, and they bumped shortly after the railway bridge. 

Maybe fitness was to blame, maybe FaT suddenly found a lot of speed between days 1 and 3. Maybe we just had the wrong mindset and didn't give them enough respect, who knows. We'll look for a solid rowover tomorrow.