May Bumps 2014 M1 Day 4

After the disappointments of the last 2 days, all we wanted from today was a solid rowover to prove that we could do it. If we were to gain on FaT, naturally we wouldn't say no to bumping back, but the rowover had to be the priority. In the end, we didn't gain at all, but we did achieve the main goal - Queens never came closer than just inside station, despite being pushed hard by Clare behind. 

Overall this week, obviously we didn't get the result we wanted, but as Josh put it - "there's no shame in anything at the top of the first division". Given that only 3 of the crew (plus cox) had experience of the first mays division, and one noviced this year in Michelmas, we've achieved an incredible amount, and proved on day 4 that we deserved to be where we are on the river. Huge thanks to the whole crew for all their hard work, and to coach Lianne.