May Bumps 2014 M2 Day 3

With Corpus rowing over as the sandwich boat again, we were faced with the same battle as Thursday. Today started similarly to the two days before, staying roughly on station with Corpus and Emma, and the three boats pulling easily away from the rest of the division. We hit a much smoother rhythm, and while Emma moved to a length at the Plough, this was as close as they got.

Moving out of Ditton, we pushed Emma back onto station, and moved back up on Corpus, sitting on station for most of the reach, while a push under the Railway Bridge earned us a whistle. Corpus held us at just over a length to the finish, but with a two-length gap to Emma, we'd rowed much better than the day before.

Corpus also finally bumped up to division 2, so it's a spooning Pembroke II ahead on the final day!

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