May Bumps 2014 M3 Day 1

It's fair to say M3 have had a difficult term so far. Due to injuries and illness, we were limited to training in fours for the first couple of weeks and didn't manage to have an outing as eight until Spring Head to Head. Despite this, we managed to put down a respectable time there. It felt like we made a lot of progress in the following weeks and when our second race, Champs Head, came up, we felt a lot more prepared. But then it turned into a crab-filled disaster.

Still, we knew that at our best, we were better than most crews in our division and with a Downing rugby boat ahead of us, the task for day one seemed manageable.

Our row down felt pretty solid and after seeing Downing rowing out of time and unable to keep up with us, we arrived at the start line fairly confident. Our start was pretty terrible, but despite this we started gaining on Downing and the first whistle came quickly. The second and third followed rapidly and we made the bump just past top station.

It was a solid performance we can definitely build on during the rest of the week. We'll be chasing Caius 3 tomorrow, who were bumped by Jesus 3 today.