May Bumps 2014 M3 Day 4

After a solid start, our rowing got a bit sloppy after we entered the stride, allowing Wolfson to gain on us. In front of us, Darwin quickly bumped Caius as we had expected, so we were chasing the overbump on Fitz 2. As we came past the plow, Wolfson were within a canvas of our boat and we knew we had to react. We pushed hard, managed to stop them from gaining more and held them at a canvas all around Ditton. Coming onto the reach it looked like we had cracked them. We began pulling away and they were now in danger themselves from a St Edmund's boat that seemed to come out of nowhere. Meanwhile the gap between Fitzwilliam and us was closing quickly. We didn't get there in the end but we came within 2 lengths of the overbump.

Overall, a tremendous performance from the whole crew. We reacted when we had to and rowed well, especially in the second half of the race.

The results may not have been as exceptional as in recent bumps campaigns. But we rowed some fantastic races this week and finished level with strong crews around us. Congratulations to Glenn and Matt for rowing their first set of bumps races and huge thanks to Chris Eddy for being a great coach.