May Bumps 2014 M4 Day 3

Today’s effort was absolutely heroic from every member of the crew. We pushed off fast to try and get an early bump on Emma IV before they bumped a tumbling Homerton III, but weren’t able to catch them. Expertly navigated through the carnage by our cox, Bryony Hutchinson, we settled in, admittedly slightly demoralised, for the long haul. It was now that Pembroke IV pushed hard to get on top of us. At three whistles for most of the corners, we did not give in, constantly repelling every Pembroke push. Heading round Ditton onto the reach Pembroke collapsed – we’d broken them. We did not let up and rowed home with our heads held high, pushing them to four lengths. I’m so immensely proud of everybody in the crew, not just as individuals but as a unit. Saturday – at last – should be our day: let’s bring it home Catz!