May Bumps 2014 M6 Day 1

After Darwin M4 kindly realised that we would like to row bumps and obligingly scratched to give us a chance and so we started at the bottom of the river with only up to go. After practicing starts the way down we decided to go off hard and try to put some fear into the LMBC crew ahead. This worked, however LMBC were able to harness their new found fear of the wheel and catch Pembroke in front of them (thanks for the assistance is yet to be forthcoming from LMBC). After this we lost the seat for 5 and we had to settle for completing the course.

Overall a solid start and a strong row-over despite some issues.

Captain's Note: Special thanks to the Chaplain who, unable to row on a broken seat kept himself busy by roaring encouragement to the rest of the crew.