May Bumps 2015 - Day the First

The run up to the M1 bumps campaign was fraught with eventfulness, sprained ribs, new boat, new stroke, broken feet, you name it; it probably happened. So it was a relief to row up to station with 9 healthy men and a snazzy boat (seriously, have you seen the riggers?!). We had quite the feat ahead of us, smash FAT, and failing that hold off Queen’s until Clare bumped them.

It started off promisingly, hours of practice led to a rapid start, pushing off Queen’s and gaining ground on FAT. Sadly, it was not last, Queen’s found another gear and began to push onto us, a gear we couldn’t match. Despite this we held them off valiantly all the way to Ditton corner, giving Clare ample time to act….which they did not do. So the bump came to pass, sad times.


However, not all doom and gloom, we had a powerful start and know we have more to give, so onwards and upwards.