May Bumps 2015 - Day the Second

After a good row but not quite what we were hoping for on first time round, an intrepid M1 once again took to the water with a plan; row like champions until you can’t row anymore.

Once again our start was snappy and powerful, unfortunately Queen’s had gotten their act together and we failed to gain much ground that end. Clare were pushed off a little but came at us, pushes were called and their advance was slowed, a couple of risky corners on their part paid off (oh for their blades to have caught the bank) and as we came onto the reach we made one last effort before being bumped a few strokes later.


Overall a much improved performance, Clare were faster than Queen’s and we held them longer, just not long enough. Not the prettiest boat on the water but we made the Pegasus skip along the water like a slightly tipsy rocket.