May Bumps 2015: M2 Day One

With Joe Cooper called up to M1, and Stuart still ill, we roped in our coach, Ivan Scales, and M2 emeritus, Julian Russ, to assist in our efforts to row over head of the M3 division. 

We arrived early atbh, washed down the boat, and with a bit of confusion over timings, ended up mashalling prematurely, and meeting the crews rowing up from the previous division by Chesterton. So we sat under a tree by the bridge, jesting and laughing as the crews who'd be chasing us rowed by. Despite knowledge about how strong Pembroke II (rowing second in the division) were this term, morale was running high (if only in despair), as we pinned our hopes on an equally speedy Emma II catching Pembroke as we held them off.

Alas, Emma was nowhere to be seen (eventually being bumped by Clare in the run up to Ditton), and we ended up pulling into Grassy after conceding the bump. Today, we have Clare on our tails, and Pembroke (who failed to bump up into div 2) ahead.

Wish us luck.