May Bumps 2015: W1 Day One

From a crew that no one thought would make it past the motorway bridge, I think being bumped by the Plough is a testament to just how much this crew has come on this term.

W1 had a glorious row down to the lock and our start outside the Plough was quite frankly beautiful. The real thing was powerful and controlled even with a strong tail wind the girls coped really well. We settled into our rhythm and made ground on Peterhouse, coming within a few strokes of the first whistle half way down first post reach. Churchill were nowhere near as close as they thought they would be (we had been told we would get 3 1/2 mins of race time) and took an iffy line around first post meaning we pushed away from them.

Unfortunately Peterhouse moved back outside the one length and we didn't manage to get it back. By the time we came around Grassy Churchill were hunting us down. A valiant effort from our girls held Chirchill at bay and some cheeky coxing delayed the bump until the Plough.

Tomorrow is a new day and maybe we will get a second shot at Peterhouse on Friday. We rowed for just over 5 minutes so I think we really surprised everyone!