May Bumps 2015: W2 Day One

Rowed over.

In a victory for the Scales model of calm and efficient racing, W2 were so fired up as to make stroke literally jump off her seat at the sound of the cannon. Despite this, a wobbly Girton crew were sent off into the distance by bow seven until stroke recovered. The crew then gained on Emma ahead but were only able to recover back to station. Emma then bumped out leaving Catz in glorious isolation. 

Or so we thought until Jesus (the crew chasing the double overbump on Catz) hove ominously into view shortly after Ditton corner. Catz recognised the threat at the railway bridge and produced a very gutsy push to hold Jesus off until 2 strokes after crossing the finish line where the umpires, ignoring Jesus' celebrations, awarded Catz the row-over, thanks to some emphatic pointing at the finish line from the bank party.

Hopes are high for tomorrow, aiming to unleash the full Catz W2 start on an average-looking Selwyn crew.