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May Bumps starts on Wednesday and we're looking forward to strong performances across the board. For information on where to watch the bumps from see here.


Click on a crew name to see crew lists and past race reports.


  Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
M1 Bumped Clare
Bumped Trinity Hall
Rowed Over Bumped Queens
W1 Bumped Churchill
Rowed Over Bumped Magdalene
Rowed Over
M2 Bumped by Pembroke II
Bumped by Clare II
Bumped by LMBC III
Rowed Over
W2 Rowed Over Bumped Darwin II
Bumped Anglia Ruskin II
Bumped Jesus III
M3 Bumped by Pembroke III
Bumped by Clare Hall
Rowed Over Bumped by FaT IV

Results will be shown as they appear with race reports, division times are currently shown above.