Newnham Short Course

Catz M1 got their bumps campaign off to a bang on Saturday with a 1st place finish in Newnham Short Course.

It's a 1.6km head race from the little bridge to the railings. Although our crew looked good on paper, only having been in a boat together twice before the day of the race made us unsure as to how we would compare with other crews the Cam had to offer.

Although sightly scrappy, we held the rate at 34 down the whole course. Our plan was to make a move out of each corner, winding every ten strokes down the reach and we crossed the line at 38. Our initial thoughts were that we could have rowed better, but it's was good platform to start from.

Although several of the fastest crews were absent our result shows that we're competitive with the top colleges. More importantly, the crew directly in front of us in bumps - Caius II - were 40 seconds slower than us over the course.