Pugwash Mays day 4 - Part Two

I still haven't been blocked from posting on the website, so I'm going to make the most of it. Plus I think this stuff is worth talking about.

In typical beer boat style, the meet time was not met. Everyone turned up eventually, and all was good. The anchor was crowded, and the heat was still unbearable. The party moved on to sherlock, which did not reduce the temperature at all but did feature quite a few more people.

Then there were all the photos. In typical beer boat style, we required subs to make a photo. The photographer tried to confiscate drinks, but we explained the situation so were allowed to keep them.

The dinner had a poor wine to speech ratio. This isn't a criticism of the speeches mind, under Chod's careful eye (and stopwatch) they were resplendant in chat (admittedly mostly boat related) and pleasantly concise. The presents might have been good, but it's really difficult to tell as most of them were wrapped up and little or no information was given about them. I've heard since then that the loaf of bread was actually a Fitbit, not just a joke. 

Despite the efforts to keep the speeches short, it was 10:30pm before the boat club descended on the bar. Craig then had his work cut out serving us all. I've now heard that the lovely lady working with him was actually on her first shift, and the reason there was no bar extension was that no 3rd worker could be found for the evening. Still, great job Craig, sorry about the Pythons. 

Finally, there was spoons. There were many shapes thrown, a fair number of beverages consumed, and a lot of memory/dignity lost. Still, a fantastic evening was had by all I'm sure, and I can't remember anything embarassing enough happening to mention it here.