SCCBC COVID-19 Quaranteam

SCCBC 2020 ‘Quaranteam’

It has been an interesting time for all during the last few months: challenging physically but most of all mentally. Due to COVID-19 the academic year, and therefore rowing year, was cut terribly short. I am proud to say that the rowers of SCCBC, present and past have united together from all over to stay active, positive and supportive of each other.  

This is a brief update and also an opportunity to provide thanks to the rowers of SCCBC for their commitment to the squad and positivity they have brought to a rather disconcerting time.

Since March the only way we have been able to communicate is virtually, many have embraced this and we have had some fun with fitness challenges. These consisted of me completing a workout in the morning in a weight vest, then the rowers having the rest of the day to beat the score, of which they all did and posted some great results! One of the sessions was inspired by George Aylard sharing a social media post, which consisted of 170 squats, 70 burpees, 260 jumping jacks, 65 push ups plus a few more gruelling exercises. You can imagine how grateful we all were for the share….

As it became clear that rowing was going to become a distant memory for a while we moved onto zoom. Having three sessions a week has been a great way to stay connected, of which alums have also joined it. I’d like to give a few shout outs: one of which being to Fiona Conlon who is now a push up champion, another: Nick Palmer who has spent time on ensuring his hamstrings aren’t comparable to guitar strings and nailing his nutrition so is able to move well carrying less weight, John Hayton that has redecorated his wall with some dents practicing handstands, Rory Cockshaw who has navigated some unusual spaces to keep completing the workouts, Will Norman who has shown us all you can always do shoulder taps faster and squat lower, Izzy ‘the penguin’ Backhouse who’s entertained her housemates each weekend, GT staying connected to the Cam running by it or doing circuits on the green, Stephen Decray who became a fitness monster during the fitness challenges, Robyn Macrae who has been consistently returning from injury and many others who have continued to stay active and throughout these past 4 months!  

I am aware the coxswains have also been phenomenal at supporting each other, with input from Sid (another fantastic alum of SCCBC). It is very difficult for them to enhance their skills when not on the water but they have found a way under the leadership and enthusiasm of Charlie Lamb. I cannot wait to see these guys back on the water next year and I am grateful and the relationship they have built to continue bettering each other.

It was great to see many faces at the Virtual BCD where our new committee was announced, congratulations to all those that are going to help lead the SCCBC 2021 squad.

I hope everyone has been able to stay safe and is adjusting to the continual changes occurring to battle this pandemic. Each member of SCCBC has done a fantastic job of challenging themselves and therefore also encouraging and challenging others throughout the last few months! I am hopeful and excited to have the boathouse filled with rowers again soon(ish).


SCCBC Social Distanced Training