W1 - May Bumps 2016 - Day 1

Start of May’s 2016 was a hopefully one for W1; after beating Kings at Champs Head, we were looking faster and feeling good. Sparring with Kittens, Catz M3 and Catz W2 – we had some preparation under our belts. However we sat at the bottom of division 1; therefore there was unknown about who would be the sandwich boat.

Selwyn W1 proceeded to get bumped by Magdalene W1, and now our match was set. Magdalene was in-between us and a bump on Kings. After the cannon we had a funky start but settled into a good rhythm. But before we knew it Magdalene had a whistle on us, no fear we had a gained a whistle on Kings, game on. Now it was a battle between 3 boats. Magdalene looking stronger with each stroke, Kings were starting to break down and we were gaining. But before we could finish it off, Magdalene had got us just before first post. With us ¾ of a boat length off Kings. This sadly means we drop into division 2. However this is just a toe dipping, Catz W1 will be back and we will get Kings, however long it takes.