W1 - May Bumps 2016 - Day 2

Today we started at the top of division 2, with Selwyn W1 chasing us. Inside knowledge told us they were going to go out hard, and they did. As per usual they had a whistle on us from the get-go. However as Jonny always says “even three whistles is not a bump”. Whistling was coming from their coach left, right and centre and before we knew it was unclear who was where. But we kept our heads in the boat and after a restart along plough reach, that was the final push we needed. They began to crumble. Even with a cheeky crab from number 5 we were gone and within moments of the final push they were bumped out by Fitz at the top of the reach. With the two crews behind Fitz also bumping out, it allowed Catz W1 to cruise as the top crew of their division, even if it was only div 2!

The row over in division 1 as the sandwich boat was an expected result. With Magdelene W1 bumping Kings W1 in virtually the same place as us the day before and absolute carnage up ahead, this left us with only Girton W1, 10 places above, to try to bump. It wasn’t looking like an over-over-over-bump today!

So the chase for the bump against Kings continues ...