W2 Lents 2018: Day 1

This was the picture. It was a freezing day; the temperature was -2. With concerns of hypothermia running rife around the boat club, W2 responded appropriately by layering up in multiple hoodies and fluffy socks. It appeared that the start cannon did not want to conform to the social construct of time, and went off during the countdown at 4 seconds to go. We dealt with this well and managed to get our standard start sequence in. Before we knew it, we had whistles coming from the bank and were gaining on Medwards W2. We stayed strong, kept our rhythm, and before the first corner we had overlap. As we went round the corner, we bumped the crew, but it took Bow’s blade physically engaging with the cox for a concession to be made. But it was. Day 1, Catz W2 + 1. Here's to another successful day tomorrow! FTW, Amy and Holly