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Soon to arrive at Catz, recently arrived, or just looking to get involved with the boatclub?

Check out our getting involved page here!

Most people rowing at Catz started out as complete Novices, and learn throughout their time here - but those who have rowed before are also more than welcome. Find out more at the above link.

Make sure to have a look out for our stands at the Freshers Squash, where you can find out more information, sign up to the mailing list, and have your try at sprinting on a rowing machine.

We'll also be having a BBQ at the Boathouse at some point over the first weekend of term (11th or 12th October) - pop down for a burger, some tuition on the ergs, and hopefully a trip onto the river in our tub (a really stable boat for learning in).

We look forward to meeting you soon! 

Michaelmas Boat Club Dinner 2013, photo courtesy Adrian Pel.

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Recent news is listed below. Please see the links to the left and top for more information. Cardinals is our annual race at the end of Lent term. The alumni page has information on future events, an archive of newsletters, and a form for signing up to the alumni mailing list. You can also check out other ways to contact us in the "Connect with us" box in the bottom right.

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Video: Lent Bumps 2014 - Men's 1st VIII Blades

A few months late, but here is a video showing how our week went. Great memories!

George Nash - Olympic Medallist, CUBC Captain... now World Champion!

Slightly belated, but massive congratulations to Catz Alumnus, George Nash, who can now add a World Championship Gold medal to his list of accomplishments.

He rowed in the mens 4 at 3 position, along with Alex Gregory (bow), Mohamed Sbihi (2), and Andrew Triggs Hodge (stroke). It was a tight race with the Americans in the first half, but they easily pushed ahead to win in 5:40.24, with USA finishing with silver and Australia with bronze. 

Nice one George!

Read more at  

Left to right: Alex Gregory, Moe Sbihi, George Nash and Andy Triggs Hodge.
Left to right: Alex Gregory, Moe Sbihi, George Nash and Andy Triggs Hodge.
Photo from the British Rowing Website.

May Bumps 2014 M3 Day 4

After a solid start, our rowing got a bit sloppy after we entered the stride, allowing Wolfson to gain on us. In front of us, Darwin quickly bumped Caius as we had expected, so we were chasing the overbump on Fitz 2. As we came past the plow, Wolfson were within a canvas of our boat and we knew we had to react. We pushed hard, managed to stop them from gaining more and held them at a canvas all around Ditton. Coming onto the reach it looked like we had cracked them. We began pulling away and they were now in danger themselves from a St Edmund's boat that seemed to come out of nowhere. Meanwhile the gap between Fitzwilliam and us was closing quickly. We didn't get there in the end but we came within 2 lengths of the overbump.

Overall, a tremendous performance from the whole crew. We reacted when we had to and rowed well, especially in the second half of the race.

The results may not have been as exceptional as in recent bumps campaigns. But we rowed some fantastic races this week and finished level with strong crews around us. Congratulations to Glenn and Matt for rowing their first set of bumps races and huge thanks to Chris Eddy for being a great coach.

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