Mays Day 2 - W1 (still the sandwich boat)

Today brings W1's row overs to a total of 4, despite it being only 2 days into bumps.....

Row over no.1 was textbook, we pushed away from Kings, just as we had done 24 hours previously and held them off long enough for Homerton to bump them out.

We psyched ourselves up for race 2, we were committed to chasing down Queens and while we rowed a strong race there was no amount of energy gels that could power us through.

Tomorrow, back in sandwich boat position, we have the challenge of fending off Homerton, but with much experience of smashing the row over, we're up for a good fight!


Race Report M2 - Day 2

Day 2 - Result: bumped Peterhouse M2

Starting positions: Christ’s M2 - Peterhouse M2 - St Catharine's M2 - Emmanuel M2 - LMBC M3

After tackling Emmanuel M2 yesterday, we had our eyes on Peterhouse M2. We made a clean start and settled into a solid rhythm at rate 34, facing strong gusts by Grassy corner. Behind us, Emmanuel M2 went all out, but came no closer than a boat-length, though they kept us working hard. Defying strong headwinds on Plough Reach, we began to gain on Peterhouse, going quickly from one, to two, then three whistles - and forcing them to concede as we come out of Ditton Corner. On to tomorrow, with Christ's ahead.

Mays 2017: M3 Day 2

Reunited with our oars, today had a much less eventful buildup. A much windier reach welcomed us and keen to avoid extending our race that far we pushed hard off the start and were quickly within station. Striding down pretty sustainably, we quickly pushed off Corpus for them to get bumped by Ruskin. We drew Wolfson in round grassy then finished them off round Ditton. The row back on a gusty reach wasn't so clean but we can blame the greenery for distracting us. A good bump, the first for a few of the guys in the crew so something to be proud of there. Chasing an on-for-spoons Clare Hall crew tomorrow, we're hoping our race plan once again delivers the goods.

Pugwash Mays day 2 - Involving Cindies and Costumes

Since the last report, much stuff happened. Some of it was rowing related. 

Mays 2017: M3 Day 1

The first day of bumps is always an interesting experience in the lower divisions, as crews find their feet and their pace. After managing to find an appropriate set of blades, ours elsewhere on the river, we enjoyed our row up with the dulcet high-pitched squeal of the cox box feedback, serving us right for stealing (with permission) M1’s shiny new one. Fortunately, it also distracted our competitors as we waited for the carnage of the M5 division to sort itself out. Having quickly switched our blades with M4 at the P&E we could finally settle into our race plan. We quickly pushed away from Sidney off the start, holding station with Caius who were quickly catching up with Wolfson in front of them. Despite catching them by the Plough, they hadn’t got the message and continued rowing after the bump was awarded. We carried on regardless, and were within half a length come the end of the course, Sidney a mere speck in the distance. A strong row-over today and a good chance to bump up on Wolfson tomorrow.

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