May Bumps 2010 Day 2 M2

Bumped by Clare II

This wasn't really a lot better than yesterday. We knew this was a crunch day - if we could row-over, we'd get a go at a weak FaT III crew on Friday. However, we knew that Clare had a very fast start and we'd have to hold them off.

May Bumps 2010 Day 1 M2

Bumped by Pembroke II

After the Catz curse struck again, Lothar injuring his knee during Saturday's outing, we once again found ourselves in the position of having to row a bumps race with a sub, and hence a crew that had spent a total of 1 hour together on the water. Jon came into the boat at 3, so that Ivan moved to 2 and I sat at 4. However, the paddling and the practice start were very promising, and the crew started to gel well.

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May Bumps starts on Wednesday and we're looking forward to strong performances across the board. For information on where to watch the bumps from see here.


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Champs Eights Head

3rd in 1st Mays - 4:36.9

M1's first race of the term provided a good opportunity to see how we compared with the crews we'd be facing in Bumps.  With several big names on the river, we looked forward to making our mark.  We didn't quite settle onto the racing rhythym we desired, but we still achieved a promising result.  The race highlighted our weaknesses, whilst increasing the anticipation for Mays.

Spring Head-to-Head

21/45 - 4th in 3rd Mays - 14:12

The Head-to-Head is always a tough race, but on this occasion the headwind that had picked up after a few days of brilliant weather made it an even harder prospect. After a delay due to a very late crew member, we pushed our new shinily painted blades off the bank and headed down to the start. Marshalling was chaotic and done in a light drizzle, all of which made it very hard to switch on just before the start of the race.

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