Day 4 W1

Day 4 M1


Rowed over.


We set out feeling fairly confident; we had been improving all week, we knew we were faster than Selwyn and we knew they had failed to gain on Christ's the day before. Not complacent about the threat they posed, we put together our race plan built around our strong cruising speed and strength in the second minute of the race.

Day 3 W2

Race report to follow shortly!

Day 3 M2

Bumped FaT IV

The conditions today were, to put it mildly, far from ideal. After a lot of discussion about whether the boats in the W3 division would be rowing fast enough to avoid drifting back down the reach (it turns out they were, just), and Ivan fitted his new (smaller) shoes, we eventually got the boat out to drift down to Chesterton for marshalling.

Day 3 W1

Day three


New day, new opportunities. After bumping LMBC yesterday (and feeling

PRETTY good about that!), we were ready for day three, with Clare once

again ahead of us. With two original crew members out, we were lucky enough

to get two amazing subs (thanks Emily and Rachael!), and the plan was to

have a solid row, knowing that LMBC were eager to take back our well-earned

bump! Despite the heavy winds and strong current we set off to a good

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