Day 1 - M1

Bumped Caius II

Pembroke Regatta

M2 produced a couple of spirited rows against crews higher in the bumps charts at Pembroke regatta before falling just short of a place in the semi-finals against Robinson.

Again, due to badminton cuppers, various date mix-ups and an injury in M1, we were 3 rowers short of the crew that had been training at the start of the week - Jerry was in for Mark at 7, Krzysztof in for Ryan at bow and our mystery sub from Queens' replaced Lothar at 4. With such a scratch crew, expectations weren't that high, but we were still confident of producing some good performances.

Boathouse Plans

SCCBC is very excited to see the plans for the renovation of the St Catharine's College Boat House. The proposed changes would be a fantastic boost to the club, and would ensure that it thrives in the years to come. The plans can be found here.

boathouse plans.pdf

Robinson Head

Robinson Head

M1 finish 4th in Robinson Head, just 10s behind the headship crew, more to follow soon!

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