Newnham Short Course

Catz M1 got their bumps campaign off to a bang on Saturday with a 1st place finish in Newnham Short Course.

It's a 1.6km head race from the little bridge to the railings. Although our crew looked good on paper, only having been in a boat together twice before the day of the race made us unsure as to how we would compare with other crews the Cam had to offer.

Winter Head to Head

The start of Lent term has been a little frustrating, with a number of injuries in the men’s squad. So although our entry for the Winter Head to Head had us on paper as the college first eight, the reality was that this was the college second eight with the added muscle of Ruud and Finn – a scratch crew with the sum total of one outing on the water.

Fairbairn's IVs 2009

4th fastest college IV

A still winter afternoon greeted the annual Fairbairn's IVs races. The course begins at Jesus flagpole and finishes opposite the Plough, a distance of 3.2km.

After a disappointing 8th in Winter Head we were determined to attack the whole race. Winding to 35 on the start then settling to a solid race rate of 31 enabled the crew to put in a technical but powerful row, finishing 4th in a time of 11:34.42.


Winter Head - 21st November 2009

7th in Men's Student ARA Novice Division - 48th overall - 9:29

The first race of term was always going to be a tough ask, and with windy conditions forecast, we were expecting a very tough race. However, a stroke of luck meant that the wind turned to be a cross and slightly following wind, compared to the head wind most of the other divisions had to deal with. After a lot of faffing about with marshalling, and getting spun at the start, we were ready to go.

Michaelmas Term 2009

The start of the new academic year signals the start of another promising season for SCCBC. With many of last year's senior squad returning, and some trialling for university crews, a strong basis has been set for another assault on the bumps charts. Four boats of enthusiastic novices will look to bolster the ranks in Lent term, where both first boats will endeavour to improve on strong performances last year.

The committee page is now online, including contact details, and the rest of the website will be going online during the next few days, so keep checking back!

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